Huerta For City Council


  One of the key measures of being a success is being able to work with all parties effectively.
  As a member of the Pocatello City Council Brad will continue to bring a no-non-sense approach
  to the issues most critical to the citizens of Pocatello regardless of their community
  or political affiliations. That’s why the below signed people are proud to be actively
  supporting his candidacy for the Pocatello City Council this November. Please consider
  adding your name to those below and join us in moving Pocatello into the future… Just drop us
  a note and we will add your voice and name! Our current and GROWING list of supporters!!!   

  Allison Huerta (Thanks Honey!)
  Aurora Huerta (Thanks Mom!)
  Senate Minority Leader for Idaho: Edgar Malepeai
  Idaho Representative (District 30): Elaine Smith
  Idaho Representative (District 30): Roy Lacey
  Bannock County Treasurer: Radene Barker
  Dave Mattson
  Lydia Erickson
  Donald Erikson
  Jan Bybee
  Nancy Bybee
  Shannon Knight
  Eric Knight
  Melinda Loeach
  Peyton Smith
  Shane Loeach
  Lance Kolbet
  Greg Vickers
  Steve Anderson
  Richard Diehl
  Dianne Diehl
  Craig Parrish
  Ryan Smith
  Dave Alexander
  Tony Campa
  Rich Bull
  Valaine Lepchenski
  Frank Cisneros
  Hank Gonzalez
  Tim Anderson
  Doug Cone
  Lisa Dahle
  Vicky Vickers
  David Theel
  Kaylee Theel
  Patrick Grimm
  Jim Perterson
  Stephanie Palagi
  Bruce Hanson
  Bobby Cuio
  Jon Smith
  L.D. Wolfley
  Garth Lambson
  Tracy Lambson,
  Alex Huerta
  Sloan Lambson
  Michael Huerta
  Pat Hermanson
  Karen Hermanson
  Glen Powell
  George Chandler
  Blake Campa
  Ron Anderson
  Kevin York
  Anna Lisa Smith
  Beth Hill
  Norman Hill
  Valarie Watkins
  Marie Tusch
  Sam Nettinga
  Cleo Nettinga
  Reamy Lambson
  Dan Birch
  Lorean Smith
  Jim Allen
  Shelly Allen
  Chris Richardson
  Jane Warnock
  Doug Warnock
  Jennifer Cardenas
  Orlando Cardenas
  Virginia Huerta
  Mark Martineau
  Reneae Martineau
  LaDeana Kailing
  Mark Kailing
  Mary Ellen Huerta
  Dawn Martineau
  Steve Ponopolis
  Cecilia Ponopolis
  Sgt. Major. Bill Head
  Cheryl Head
  Marc Johnson
  Gail Bishard
  Debbie Salsbury
  John Murphy
  Carrol Murphy
  Angie Obray
  Chris Hadley
  Dawn Siefers Fitzpatrick
  John Fitzpatrick
  Tracy Aytes
  Kelly Kumm

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Brad Huerta for City Council
Greg Vickers Treasurer      208-221-6258
Brad Huerta For City Council P.O. BOX 873 Pocatello, ID 83204

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